Should your Sports Team or School require Physiotherapy input
then please e-mail or contact Chris via his mobile 07816 500539 to discuss your specific needs.


Treatment of sports injuries are a speciality that incorporates Chris’ Sports Science background and experience. If you are having problems overcoming a particular strain or ‘knock’ then one or two sessions is often enough to get the body’s healing process kick started. However, it may be that you have actually done more damage than previously thought, or perhaps you find you just can’t shake off an old sport's injury; in either case, diagnosis, planning and treatment will get you back on the road to recovery.

Chris was previously the Physiotherapist at Monkton Combe School looking after their Sports Injuries. The medical team there contend with many injuries and joint problems encountered by the pupils through sport and activity. Spinal, knee, ankle and shoulder problems are just some of the areas that are regularly treated. Post operative and fracture rehabilitation are also encouraged to speed normal recovery of their sports injuries.

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