Physiotherapy can treat spinal injuries, joint injuries and soft tissue injuries (which are injuries of muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves).
The range of conditions that physiotherapy can treat is comprehensive and includes:
Treatment includes:
Injection Therapy
Deep Friction Massage
Exercise Programs
Posture Re-education
Also pre-surgery preparation and post surgery rehabilitation for operations such as hip and knee replacements, arthroscopies, spinal surgery, shoulder decompressions, replacements and rotator cuff repairs.

At your first appointment, time will be taken gathering a full history of your condition. You will be required to remove only those items of clothing needed to enable examination of the relevant area. Chris will need to observe your movements and also palpate and test the areas in question in order to understand the nature of the problem. Your dignity will be respected at all times and a thorough explanation of the findings and treatment plan will be given.

The tendons at the back of the knee are colloquially referred to as the hamstrings. The bulk of the muscles actually extend all the way up to the sitting bones at the bottom. These large powerful muscles work hard during sport and can also be injured when we lift objects or slip over. Suitable questioning will help analyse possible weaknesses and causes of the injury and therefore provide a rehabilitation program individually geared for you.
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